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A Love Letter To Myself And The Universe

When confronted with pain and hurt...I Choose courage

When confronted with disappointment and heartbreak...I Choose courage

When someone gives you real, true love, the kind that only comes along ever so often in life...I Choose courage.

When someone can't see who you are and doesn't understand the true beauty of your heart and the gift you have given them... I Choose courage

I choose courage. For I have learned to see my gifts, to embrace them, love who I am, stand for something greater than my immediate needs and desires, and simply love being "nice" because that is who I am. I am a kind, loving, generous soul who experiences anger, jealousy, and other emotions. I recognize those aren't bad emotions. They are emotions that tell me I am not at peace or in alignment with myself. They will now serve a different purpose for me. They will fuel my courage to make the changes I need to make in my life. I choose to be vulnerable with those I love and even if they don't respond the way I wish they would, I will know and feel my own power to be truthful, to take care of myself in a way that is honoring of who I am, and to be grateful for my courage to do so. 

Walking through fear is what truly allows me to grow. I know this, I have tangible, real experience of this. It is no easy feat in life to face those fears head on and embrace the light and the dark. To see yourself in a vulnerable and real way. Break yourself down, not out of self-hate or self-loathing, but out of self-love and ultimately true compassion for yourself and the entire planet and universe.

I love the stars, only a couple people know how deeply I love them. But even those couple may not know exactly why I love them so much. They serve as a constant reminder for me that this universe is vast, unexplored and the possibilities of that are endless. I am like the universe and so are you. We are all vast, unexplored and have possibilities within us that calls to us and demands to be explored. The stars remind me how powerful I am if I let myself dream, create and be free. They are magic. I am a piece of that magic. So are you. So are we all. 

I chose to be a star in my life and I will now share that with the universe. To be magical, radiant, shining, free, exploding, changing, brilliant, bold, brave, kind, loving, generous, courageous, gentle and above all true to myself in all the forms I embody and embrace myself with unconditional love. 

Get ready universe, here I come.


I Write My Life